Tools and Techniques of Digital Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Digital marketing is coinciding with the term of internet. We can say that with the advent of the internet, digital marketing is started, and now is the era of digital marketing space.  Digital marketing has an online, direct, and everlasting relationship with customers having interaction with them, and has unlimited promotions or advertisements using tools and techniques.

In digital marketing, we use internet/digital media or tools and techniques for marketing the products.  Digital media includes; digital display advertising, mobile phones advertising, social media, and other digital technologies using the internet. The fact behind the popularity of digital media is its ever-growing source of entertainment in the form of social interaction with friends and company representatives.

However, here are some trending tools and techniques of Digital Marketing to grow up your business.

  • Digital Display Advertising (DDA)

Digital display advertising is a technique in which online ads are created on those web pages which have good traffic of users. These ads may be in the form of videos, images, and popups. Formally, DDA follows four key stages;

  • Define (define your target audience and objectives of your ads)
  • Format (Design the ad strategy and time to appear on the web page)
  • Configure (Implementation of strategy in the best manner to attract and retain customers)
  • Analyze (Analyze the strategy to know the best channel to create the awareness)

By following a good DDA strategy you will make a positive influence on your target segments. In simple words, we can say that it is graphic advertising in the form of audio, video, images, or texts on the internet to address site visitors.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is the marketing of products or services over social media in the form of Tweets, YouTube videos, blogging, and microblogging, etc. Gone are the days when your advertised message disappeared after it was aired on television or radio. Social media has given the lifeline to advertising as your message will remain on screen until you want. This type of marketing creates interaction with your customers enabling you to measure the result of your advertisement effectively.

If we look into the statistics of online traffic then the efficacy of SMM will be proved as there are about 350 million people who are active on Facebook. More than 346 million people read blogs, and 184 million people are bloggers themselves. Twitter has more than 14 million registered users, and YouTube claims more than 100 million viewers per month. More consumers are connected with every passing minute and it builds a huge platform for the marketer to advertise themselves over social media.

  • Location-Based Marketing/ Mobile Marketing

With the increase of mobile phones, a new horizon in the form of mobile marketing has emerged. Everyone is carrying his mobile phone everywhere and used to gossip with friends by using different social media sites. Smartphones have enabled marketers to use innovative ways to send their promotional messages to end-users.

In location-based marketing, the GPS of the end-user is used to find the location and then send promotional messages regarding his locality. The customer’s mobile devise is tracked by using the appropriate location application programming interface (API) for the device or may be accessed through a server-side application that interfaces with the carrier’s location platform.

  • Content Marketing

Content is a king. That is the modern phrase and it proves to be correct as far as the very nature of the internet is concerned. Content marketing is a type of marketing in which contents in the form of images, phrases, blogs, or videos are used to implicitly market the product to stimulate the interest of consumers.

Contents on the webpage are arranged in ascending orders; top of the funnel (Contents to aware your customers regarding your products/service), middle of the funnel (Contents realizing the importance of your product in meeting their needs), and bottom of the funnel (Contents to demonstrate the product used to help customers in a purchase decision).

  • Search Marketing (SEO)

It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. Being a good marketer, if you become successful in controlling the entry point on the internet, you will get a huge success. Search engines are the entry points on the internet through which a user gets entered by typing a keyword over the search bar. If we type something on the search bar, the program searches from the index of the Google list and takes you to the desired page.

Search engine optimization involves being in that index list so that your webpage appears in front of the user and he will move to your web page. This is done by purchasing a keyword from the auction is run by the Google administration.  Suppose you are dealing in camping equipment and you purchase the keywords ‘camping’ thus whenever a user types keyword ‘camping’, Google index will take the user to your webpage.

  • Pay per click advertising

In Pay per Click (PPC), an online advertiser displays his ads on the search page when users entered a keyword. Due to its very nature, it is also called keyword advertising. Here, advertisers are charged only when user clicks on their ads. Appearing of ads links with the keywords that are used on the search bar, therefore, ads are subject to ad auction that is a bidding system.

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