We are a team of developers, marketers, and graphic designers who have extensive years of experience. We provide solutions to our clients worldwide of their business problems, our software provides you solutions to make best decisions, help them out to manage information and results. Our marketing strategy will help you out to convert visitors into clients. Our graphic design team will help you to create alluring designs and logos



We furnish our customers with novel and alluring solutions all over the world that assist them with setting the best decisions

A Complete Solution to all your problems

Nobody thinks often about items. Individuals care about thoughts. Is an item a thought? No. Is it a brand? A decent one is. We will help you to be prominent in internet search with SEO, engage your audience with content marketing, gether information through MIS, make right decision with our DSS to grow your business and ROI.

Our Services

We are resolved to offer best types of assistance and answers for our customers around the world. We are best in

Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Our SEO team will help you keep your site prominent in internet searches. SEO is a continuous process, it is a race, if you stop SEO of your website you are out of the race. We will help you to win this competitive race.
Content Marketing
Our Content Marketing team will help to Bring in prospects and drive engagement with high-changing over, customized content. Bring in and convert prospects by connecting with an exceptionally designated digital experience.
Web Design and Development
Your website is your virtual office, we can help you to decorate your virtual office which no one else can do like us. We will provide you with an alluring design of your website which will attract your audience. Your website would be your online office.
We provide solutions to all kinds of problems, our software helps you to make the best decisions and facilitates information system management.
Management Information System – MIS
Our MIS is fully functional and effective, it will help your managers set the best decisions and produce maximum productivity and leads, it will identify nonperforming and less productive areas of the businesses.
Decision Support System – DSS
Decisions are never wrong, the results are wrong or right, do you want to make decisions that produce the right results, we will help you with our decision support system provide you with correct data which will help you to make the right decisions.


No one on the globe does not have dreams, those are lucky whose dreams come true. Teams are the execution machine of dreams, as a family, they work to get it accomplished. Our team can help you to build your dreams.

Shahid Bashir baig
Shahid Bashir baig
Founder - Chief Executive Officer
Expert in building MIS and DSS systems and team building. Working in the industry for a long ago. Started Infant Technologies in 2017
Zafar Hussain
Zafar Hussain
Founder - COO
Expert Digital Marketer, specifically in SEO and content marketing. Started the journey in 2015 and joined Infant Technologies in 2017
Osama Salah ud Din
Osama Salah ud Din
Lead Web Development Team
Experienced Web Developer, jump into the industry since 2016. Leading web development team.
Osman Zaheer
Osman Zaheer
Lead Software development Team
Working in the industry from 2014, experienced in using database tools like Oracle and MS-SQL. Leading the software development team

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Knowledge keeps you informed about what’s going on around you, knowledge helps you make the right decisions as well. We usually publish articles on SEO, Digital Marketing, Software, Web Design & Development, Business & Marketing.

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Backlinks assume an exceptional part in SERP positioning: The possible pilot to engage the new clients.
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A website became mandatory for a business as it implies great benefits.
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SEO is a key element of digital marketing, a website is also an essential element of business. SEO is as important to a website as oxygen for humans. Management Information System(MIS) is your tool to collect information and a Decision Support System (DSS) is your tool to filter information and make the right decision to win the race of cutthroat competition of business