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Infant Technologies Pakistan

is not just a Software Development Company or Digital Marketing Agency, as your business partner we provide you solutions to your digital problems and help you to achieve your business goals

We as a

  • ♦ Software Development Company
  • ♦ Digital Marketing Agency

Provide you service of IT Management and Consultancy, SEO, Content Marketing, Content Creation, Software Development and many more

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CRM Solution

Automation of any technology in business will escalate operational efficiency, CRM Solution is one of them. Read more

ERP Solution

Can a software think? yes, it can think. ERP is the brain of a business ERP can decide and make advice

Database Development

Database solutions have become like oxygen for every business. Just as we need oxygen, businesses need database solutions.

Search Engine optimization

SEO is not a static position, it is a continuous process as the update of search engine algorithms becomes continuous. If you stop the SEO trick, you will be lost your ranking

Content Marketing

We can describe the features of your product in a way that is more profitable for your business. Because Some call this process content marketing and some say that only content marketing is left.

IT Management and Consultancy

Understanding the problems of the future, producing solutions, producing unique ideas, connect businesses and people is the job of IT management and Consultancy.

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Shahid Bashir Baig

Co-Founder, CEO


Hussain Zafar Teja

Co-Founder, COO

Infant Technologies Pakistan

Reshaping Ideas & Imaginations

A Complete Solution of 

♦ Digital Marketing
♦ Software Development
♦ Web Engineering


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Infant Technologies are awesome, we are working with them for the last two years, they are a professional and dedicated team
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Sean O'Meara


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