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Our Story

We started this journey in Sep 2017, the journey was arduous, the path was laborious and long. It is said that the path becomes shorter and easier for those whose determination is young. We were young and determined. Infant Technologies was the dream of two friends who started this strenuous journey. The difficulties of the beginning lifted our spirits and we became recognizable in a very short time. Initially, we started making custom software locally. A year later we turned to website building. Launched own website. With the launch of the website came the field of SEO and content marketing. Today we are a team that develops custom ERP software, does website SEO, content marketing, graphic design, logo design, and produces creative content for our clients worldwide.

Why We Are Different

Infant Technologies is the name of the trust, “A solution to your problems” we will reshape your ideas and imaginations. We provide the best services to all our clients worldwide. We specialize in developing custom software and making your website stand out on Internet searches. Just as human bodies are the same but faces and thoughts are different and unique, so we are different as well, In any practical game. We provide solutions to all problems to our clients whether it is custom software, bespoke website or you want to get your website SEO done or you want assistance in content marketing. Our strategy is unique and will give you results and satisfaction. We do not ask you to blindly trust us. You consult us and we will give you the best advice and provide you with the best services.


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Email: contact@infanttechnologies.com

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