Professional Tips Graphics Designer Should Know Before Designing a Logo

The first step for building brand awareness begins with a logo. Every small to large business needs a unique representation to stand out from the competitors. The eye-catching design of a trademark grabs the attention of people. The survey states a consumer takes only 10 seconds to form a first impression toward a business logo.

A logo is itself complete advertising. New businesses spend $50 to $50,000 on logo creation. People get to know about brand specialties after visualizing the logo. Graphic designers must understand why logo design is important for business success.

The corporate design should be smartly represented as the target audience form an opinion after perceiving it. Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Nike, Samsung, and Microsoft, etc. are the most recognized business logos all around the world.  Do you know the cost of the popular Nike logo is only $35?

Abstract mark, Mascot Mark, Emblem logo, a Letter mark, Pictorial mark, Wordmark, and Combination mark are the major types of logos. As the graphics designing industry is expanding the number of graphic design companies and freelancer designers is also increasing.

Let’s have look at professional tips that a graphic designer must aware of becoming crafting the corporate logo.

Conduct Market Research 

Before implementing graphics for a client’s business it is important to identify the potential customers. Understand the market trends and client’s business. What are the latest logo designs admired by the general public? Conduct a competitive analysis of what graphic strategy your competitors are implementing. A logo designer must analyze whether the expected logo would be according to the business requirements.

Focus on Engaging Colors & Fonts

Professional logo designers have deep knowledge of phycology of color, patterns, and shapes, etc. Colored logos increase 80% of brand recognition than black & white symbols. A professional logo must include the elements of graphic designing such as lines, shapes, space, value, size, and texture.

To attract the target audience it is recommended to care about the font, visual appearance, color combo that works for the brand, and most importantly logo must be designed in different tones

The interesting fact is blue color is part of 33% of the world’s top 100 renowned brands logo that highlights the significance of choosing the right color combo. Moreover, typography, appropriate image, text formatting, readability of the logo matters a lot.

Think Out Of The Box

To make the logo distinct from the rest of the crowd the designing team should not follow or copy the other trademarks. Do not follow the trends that have become common in the industry.

The logo designer must create a winning combination and make a strong business statement via an official symbol.  Before creating a final mark try a combination of different letters, numbers, geometrical patterns, writing styles, and 3D designs.

Build a Logo that Conveys Brand Message

A logo speaks itself and acts as a silent brand ambassador. It describes the theme, niche, and reason for existence. To be an expert logo design is essential to understand what message your client wants to convey via trademark. The brand symbol should define and transfer the objectives, vision, and mission of the business. Logo design has the power to connect with the audience.

Keep It Simple And Easy To Understandable

The most popular and renowned logos of the business world are the simplest ones. A logo designer must go for creating a unique yet simple and understandable trademark. Complicated logos are hard to recognize and easy to forget. Whereas simple logos design inspires people and becomes the reason for brand identity.


Undoubtedly, graphics designing is an integral segment for business marketing and representation. The logo designers must adopt different new technologies and styles to deliver remarkable trademarks.

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