New Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know Right Now

Today, it does not matter what product or services your business offers, innovation in digital marketing is the need of 2020 and coming years. It is the perfect time for the online world to move ahead and adopt new changes as digital marketing trends are continuously transforming.

In order to grow in the digital world, every industry follows some new trends & techniques. The survey states, 31% of businesses are planning to introduce a digital marketing plan within the next 12 months and 24% of businesses are implementing digital transformation programs from the last two years.

Entrepreneurs and upcoming startups now greatly understand the significance of up-to-date digital trends. Digital business strategies are adopted by 55% of startups, relatively to 38% of traditional corporations. Some businesses totally transform digital plans and some use the technology to modernize the existing business model. Moreover, in the digital adoption process company’s budget and culture matter a lot.

Intelligent systems & software are expected to generate 70% of customer engagement by the end of 2022. Automation, progressive web apps, social media contest, visual searches, sentimental analysis, polished & interactive email marketing, and blockchain technology are a few examples of present-day digital trends.

Digital marketing trends require continuous efforts. It provides a necessary competitive edge to business owners. 60% of marketers believe that technology has remarkably increased the competition. A dedicated digital marketing team that have practical knowledge of new technologies and those who conduct digital research has more potential to get positive outcomes. Below are the new digital marketing trends every marketer should know;

  1. Voice Search Engine Optimization

The use of voice searches is enhancing by each passing day. Globally, 27% of people prefer voice searches while surfing online via mobile. Voice active devices and smart speakers have made it convenient for both sellers and buyers to provide relevant product information.  Voice search plays, audio content, and voice assistants such as Google, Siri, Alexa are delivering value-based content effectively to the customers.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Artificial intelligence augmented reality, and the cloud is growing trends in the retail sector. AI and AR are becoming the heart of the global business industry. Computer-generated programs, visual-auditory, somatosensory, machines, and computer control robots are now the driving force behind successful brands.

3. Chatbots For Instant Customer Responses

The chatbot is the growing digital trend that gives a real-time response to customers. Through chatbots, businesses provide 24/7 customer support and website visitors communicate with brands in case they have any queries regarding products or services. This answer to customer questions efficiently enhances sales and generates more profit.

4. Pragmatic Advertising & Bidding

In 2020, almost all brands want to adopt programmatic advertising. Brands target more specific customers through automated ad buying. This real-time bidding or digital sponsored ads boost the conversion rates.

5. Browser Push Notification

Web push notifications are a getting significant tool to get the immediate attention of the target audience. People receive small push alerts or notifications on the laptop or mobile browser screen. This engages the users even they don’t visit on the official site.

6. Shoppable Posts & Giveaways

To maximize the sale opportunities, e-commerce and social media platforms are using shoppable posts. Brands create interactive price tags on the posts to sell product catalogs. Moreover, marketers now promote business through giveaways to gain maximum followers and customer engagement.  

In a nutshell,

Digital marketing trends are getting so essential that no business would dare to ignore it. It brings unconditional benefits and success opportunities for small to large businesses.

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