How to Use Instagram Features for Expanding Your Business Social Media Marketing

You might be thinking why use Instagram for business promotions when it was created for people to socialize? Yes, it was originally designed as a photo-sharing platform, but time to time reengineering by developers has made kick-start for the business industry as well. 

Instagram was launched in October 2010 and now it is owned by Facebook. Do you know at Apple Store it is the second most download social networking application? It is mostly loved by teens & youth due to exceptional features. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and 71% of these users are under the age of 35.

The popularity of Instagram has made it necessary for marketers to show business presence and to grow sales from IG business profiles.  Research show, at least one business account is visited by 200 million users daily. People visit business accounts to discover the latest product & services, research about products & services, and to decide whether to buy or not.  

Let’s see the features that are making Instagram the most popular platform in the social media marketing process.

  1. Make Verified Business Account

Instagram has currently 25 million-plus business profiles and over 2 million monthly advertisers. To be competitive in the market, you should avail of this cost-effective platform to sell numerous kinds of products & services. It is free to make accounts this is the reason small businesses and startups start from online channels.

Verified business accounts build trust among the consumers. The marketing team can also utilize several Instagram tools to analyze the followers’ location, gender, age, and profile visiting hours, etc. to improve the overall brand performance.

  • Upload Engaging Stories & IG TV

You can get connected with your target audience by uploading 24 Hours stories and long length promotional content on IG TV. The marketing team can share with people a sneak peek of upcoming products and could also share behind the scene preparations. Customer response to stories helps in interacting with people via direct messages (DMs).

  • Use Eye-Catching Captions & Hash-Tags

Captions are cheery on the top of the cake. While posting photos and videos grab the attention of the audience by writing engaging words. Use brand hashtags # and most prominent keywords in your posts to gain a wider reach.

  • Collaborate with Bloggers & Influencers

You can increase your followers by associating with celebrities, bloggers, and famous influencers. 89% of marketers consider Instagram as the most effective social media channel to conduct influencer marketing.

People follow the people they admire therefore when the goods & services are promoted by renowned public figures, it boosts the conversion rates. Bloggers use their personal accounts to advertise and give share reviews. This increases brand recognition and you can reach influencer followers as well. Mostly, luxury, sports & clothing, beauty, travel & hotel, food, retail, automotive industry brands are associating with influencers.

  • Create Visual Content Strategy & Sponsored Ads

Instagram comes with amazing features like bomberang, gif, image editing, filters, highlights, stickers; create mode, shoppable tags, music ad on, and audience polls, etc. To build a great business profile good content creation is the key. Moreover, to maximize the followers paid sponsored ads is a significant promotional technique.

Wrapping up the Article

Utilizing the above mentioned Instagram tactics could provide business entities great help in running social media marketing campaign. Instagram is one fine social platform to build strong business roots.

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