where to put your Instagram hashtags complete guide for Instagram users.

In this blog, I tell you Where to put your Instagram hashtags complete guide for Instagram uses. Social media users use Instagram for sharing photos, videos through posts and stories. You can upload and download Instagram video as well.

We’ll be talking about where to put your Instagram hashtags.

So if that’s a question that you’ve been asking yourself, and if that sounds interesting, let’s get right into it! Alright, so hashtags are a pretty big topic right here on this blog. They’re also super important for any creator out there using Instagram because they’re still the number one source on the platform with organic reach and organic growth.

Build a hashtag strategy

And with that being a fact, it’s actually super important for us as creators to understand how to build a powerful hashtag strategy that actually works and brings you the results you’re looking for and not mess it up to where your hashtags are not working anymore.

Because then we all get frustrated with all of that time is put into creating content then releasing that content, and it’s seeing not getting the engagement, not generating the reach, and not bringing in the new followers. And with that being relatively common nowadays on Instagram with the shadow ban and all the things that the algorithm will do to you if you’re using hashtags in the wrong way, we’ll cover in this blog how to do or how to avoid that and how actually to use your hashtags in the right way.

Where to put your hashtags

And so, wasting no further time, let’s finally answer that question of where to put your hashtags. Well, your hashtags belong in the caption and not the comments.

So why is it important to put your hashtags in the caption and not the comments?

The deal with that, my friends, is that Instagram, especially the algorithm, is extremely picky. The algorithm is actually programmed to be extremely picky for you as a creator using the platform Instagram platform naturally.

And the second you do something as a creator that the algorithm might pick up and flag as some spammy behavior, that is the second your Instagram account and your reach get screwed up.

Instagram algorithm

And so, to go deeper down the line of understanding how Instagram and especially the algorithm works, we have to inspect how it’s designed or how the app is built to be used. Since Instagram’s launch back in the day for hashtags, it has always been the case that hashtags belonged to the caption.

Affect The Reach

But then down the line, creators tested how this will affect their reach if they’re putting the hashtags in other places, for example, the comments section. This was when all of this started. And the reason, the actual main purpose behind that was rather simple.

It was only to hide the hashtags and make their Instagram account and their content look more appealing. But now the major problem right here is that it still works.

Hashtags in the comments section

Like if you put your hashtags in the comments section, they work. Your content will appear in the hashtag categories in the recent categories and so on but only up to a point until the algorithm catches up and gives you a punishment for that, which could be a shadow ban.

And the reason Instagram does that in those cases is now you’re using the app differently than they designed it, and this is something that the algorithms program to detect and then punish. So summarizing it right here for Instagram hashtags,

There are two significant things that you should deal with:

First that you actually use hashtags.

So there are still many people out there working with Instagram and not using hashtags, maybe even because at some point they have seen a reach decrease and their hashtags are not working anymore, and since then, they’re hesitant to use those hashtags. But that should not be the case, be always using hashtags.

Put your hashtags in the caption

But then the second thing is to put your hashtags in the caption whenever you post to Instagram. That way, you will stay safe, your content will stay safe from getting shadow banned, and that way, you have the hashtag strategy that’s actually working. And so now you know exactly where to put your Instagram hashtags and why that’s so important.

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