What will be the future of Digital Marketing in Pakistan and what are the key benefits for a business.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan.

Growth is the basic requirement of every business, a Business never can grow without reaching potential customers. Reaching to a potential customer is a continuous process called marketing. This industry creating several jobs every year for skilled and freelance digital marketers. Now the question arises in my mind is what will be the future and scope of digital marketing in Pakistan. As the field of digital marketing is the giant industry, here I will not go into the details of the topic, I will explain briefly what will be the future and scope of digital marketing in Pakistan.


When we compare digital marketing with traditional marketing, we can say digital marketing has ten times better opportunities than traditional marketing. I am sure, I will not be wrong as I said earlier it is a giant industry so it is hard to master it. Digital Marketing revolves around digital and digital is continuously updating it means it always takes time to be an expert in this vast field. One quote which says practice makes a man perfect. One who is paying time and has a lust to achieve skill, sure he will with the proper time.

Every business understands well the requirements of marketing, the revolution of technology teaches the business the importance of social media and digital marketing. Pakistan is in the 4th position in the freelance industry also a shred of evidence that Pakistanis are playing their active role in this industry also the trend of this industry is growing day by day in Pakistan. Pakistan also part of this global world, it never can stay far from the lights of technology. This light also enlighting the courtyard of Pakistan, and businesses in Pakistan adopting such modern ways of marketing.

The Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

I mentioned above that digital marketing is a giant industry, before diving deep into digital marketing, understand the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Promotion of product in traditional ways just showing the product to everyone who is watching traditional media but SEO will show up the product (website with the specific product)only those who are searching for the specific product. SEO is the process of understanding the algorithm of a specific search engine and modifying a website according to that algorithm. One can acquire skills of SEO with practice. With the help of SEO, a website can rank in SERP(search engine result page). An SEO agency is an organization that offers the services of SEO. There are three main parts or types of SEO. Technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.


Social Media Marketing(SMM).

Everyone understands the power of social media, more than half of the human population is using social media now, the business hires social media managers to manage their social accounts for daily posting, creation of content and social media promotional campaigns and other social activities.


E-Mail Marketing.

E-mail marketing is also a powerful technique of digital marketing, although it is restricted in some areas of Europe even then it is effective to deliver a marketing message to a specific customer. It helps bring traffic to a specific website and generate ROI with affiliate links through emails.


E-commerce Marketing.

Brand development is also a useful technique for online marketing. It seems easy to go online and sell the product but it is not an easy job as it looks from far away. Developing an online brand always took time, strong market research, and online presence as well.

Jump into a freelance workplace.

Hands-on skills always helpful for winning a job, one who has enough skills can easily jump into the ocean of search. Here in Pakistan, there are some freelance market places which could be helpful to earn a job as a skilled worker. Few are listed below;







Practice Makes a Man Perfect.

The portfolio is a showcase of your work. In the beginning, focus on your portfolio because money is the by-product of success. Once you have enough products on your shelf to offer your customer, you are on the path of success.

Startup as a Digital Marketer in Pakistan.

Starting your career in Pakistan as a digital marketer is not difficult because one does not need a formal degree for this skill. After all, the result inspires customers, not the degree. If you have the interest to master this skill you can with your practice.

Sharing is power.

Once I read, the application of knowledge is power. Acquire knowledge by exploring the world of digital marketing, share your experience with others will improve your confidence and skills. Polish your skills through knowledge lead to success.

Learn Digital Marketing as a Student.

Source of learning is changed in this modern world, one can have enough knowledge through youtube and other online courses. Yes, you also can find a mentor/instructor who agrees to teach you this skill. One does not need any previous knowledge or degree to start as a digital marketer. Technology is always updating itself its means one who thinks that he has enough knowledge of this field should not stop studying. Always evolve your skills and maintain your skill up to date.


Acquiring knowledge is not one night game, it took time while studying any new thing always be patient and never try to learn everything at once. Digital marketing is like an umbrella, there are multiple leads in this umbrella, learn them one by one, and practice them be an expert and start earning, always remember money is the by-product of success.

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