Using a VPN: what for? Download, Stream, and Be Anonymous…

But why use a VPN? If you are asking yourself this question, then you have come to the right place. Indeed, we will explain to you the different cases in which you will have to use a VPN. You will see that there are many reasons why it is more than worthwhile to use a VPN. Whether it is to download, to stream, to be anonymous, to browse anonymously, to bypass censorship or geo-restriction or to benefit from better prices on the internet, the VPN is there for you!

VPN to download

Let’s start this article on why to use a VPN with one of its main uses: downloading.

And yes, we are not going to lie to each other, if the Virtual Private Network are so successful in France, it is above all because more than 16 million people download in France.

You probably all know HADOPI and know that it is not allowed to download non-free P2P torrents. This is where the VPN comes in.

Indeed, if you are still wondering why use a VPN, it is because you do not know that it allows you to encrypt your data and make you anonymous on the internet.

Thus, you will be able to download without taking the slightest risk, and that is not nothing!

The VPN to encrypt your data

We answered your question why use a VPN by presenting one of its features. But it obviously does not end there.

Indeed, a VPN will also allow you to encrypt your data with a 256-bit AES protocol. So you can finally browse the internet securely.

When you are on an unsecured Wi-Fi network, you are normally very exposed to hackers. Indeed, no encryption level is installed on these free Wi-Fi.

Why use a VPN on public Wi-Fi? Quite simply because it will encrypt your data and prevent anyone from seeing what you are doing online. This concerns hackers as well as your ISP, the NSA or the government.

In short, if you are looking for online security, VPN is THE solution for you.

Le VPN to make you anonymous

From the moment you connect to your VPN server, you no longer have your IP address but that of the server to which you are connected.

To modify and hide your IP address, the Virtual Private Network is the best solution today. This will not only change it, it will also hide your current IP.

Thus, you will navigate in a perfectly anonymous way with an impossibility that anyone can trace it back to you.

If you want the best possible anonymity, we recommend NordVPN which has a double VPN. Why use a VPN from this provider? Quite simply because your traffic will be encrypted twice. The second server will have absolutely no idea what your original IP is!

VPN for streaming

Let’s continue in this article on “why use a VPN?” With streaming. To what extent can a Virtual Private Network be very interesting for streaming?

The answer to this question is very simple. We saw above that you will be able to change your IP address. This means that you can fictitiously change your location.

So, if some content is geo-restricted (limited to certain geographic areas), you can still access it using your VPN.

It works just as well to watch US Netflix from France as to watch Netflix FR anywhere in the world or to access French channels like TF1, France 2, M6 or even beIN Sport, Canal + or other.

For fans of foreign television, the VPN will also be of great use to you. On the same principle as what we have just explained, it will allow you to watch BBC, CNN, ZDF, HBO, from France or from anywhere in the world! Or use best ios vpn

VPN to bypass censorship

There are, still in 2021, many countries where freedom on the internet is far from being topical.

Why use a VPN? It is also to circumvent censorship! Indeed, whether in China, Turkey, Russia or Iran, you will really need a VPN if you want to continue to access your favorite content.

By this we mean Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp, Netflix or other.

China, for example, with its Great Firewall, blocks many, many applications, including Google and Facebook. If you want to unblock these apps, you really need the best VPN for China.

The same goes for Turkey, which continues to strengthen its censorship! You can see why using a VPN is so important in these countries where the internet is either censored or super watched.

VPN to benefit from better prices on the internet

Airline or hotel reservation sites are well known for one thing: to vary their price according to the interests of their client.

You know, the well-known “there is just one room left” or “X people are likewise watching this flight”. The more interested you are in a hotel or a plane, the more the site will understand that you are eager to book.

He will then adjust the prices accordingly in order to make you pay more than a person who would have a lower interest.

Why use a VPN in this case? Quite simply because, using a VPN, you are going to appear like a brand new, beautiful visitor. By changing your IP, you will no longer be able to be traced by the site and it will therefore not be able to know if it is the first time that you have come to see the price of this flight, or the tenth time.

Also, the other advantage is that you will sometimes be able to benefit from better prices by going to another country. If you book your flight from Bulgaria, the price will certainly not be the same as if you book from Monaco! So do not hesitate to take ten minutes to change your IP address to see if the prices vary or not.

You could very quickly save several hundred euros.

Conclusion: why use a VPN?

Didn’t know why to use a VPN? You now have 6 of the main uses of a Virtual Private Network.

Obviously, it is not limited to that and you can find other uses for it according to your needs.

One thing is for sure, you are bound to be concerned with one of the many, many uses of a VPN.

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