Top 10 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow about Crypto Trading

If you came across this article, you are most probably interested in crypto trading and how everything works. Even better, you are searching for reliable information that is easy to digest. Crypto traders are different from the regular ones since they decided to focus solely on cryptocurrency. Many crypto brokers gave up on working with clients to focus on their own business (trading). It doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to share their knowledge and insight. On the contrary, they are super active on social media such as Twitter, sharing daily charts, observations, and predictions. Here are the top 10 famous crypto trader accounts to consider clicking that “follow” button if you want to spice it up and learn quicker about crypto.

1. Mayne @Tradermayne

Trader Mayne has a profile full of witty remarks and crypto memes, which doesn’t make him any less crypto expert. He has a good eye for spotting patterns on the market (no wonder, since he spent so much time investing and researching crypto). He offers excellent advice and unusual and fun ideas about trading, which you can always try out (if you are a beginner, keep reading, and try it out when you are a bit advanced). He has his business for about eight years and going, which only adds up to his expertise and success. We wouldn’t miss his charming tweets since you can laugh and learn at the same time.

2. Bitcoin Jack @BTC_JackSparrow

If your main crypto is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Jack is the right Twitter account for you. While his username is fun, his approach to the market is a lot more serious, and his feed is full of various charts plus advice that comes with every single one. He’s also a YouTuber (focused on cryptos), so if you’d instead relax while watching some videos, you might go and visit his channel, to learn various things about cryptos.

3. Philakone @PhilakoneCrypto

Philakone is great because he puts lots of research into everything he shares and testes it out before recommending it to its audience. It can vary from trading tools to courses. While he writes about alt-coins in general, he stands behind the claim Ethereum changed his life. He likes sharing personal bits of his life on his account, so if you are more into those kinds of crypto traders, who can be relatable, he’s the one for you.

4. Crypto Rand @crypto_rand

Rand loves going into politics and the economy as much as he tweets about crypto. No wonder, since it’s necessary to know what’s going on in the world, even though technically, cryptos aren’t affected by the economy as much as stocks. Like previous crypto accounts, he shares crypto charts, and he tends to explain how they function and what happens on the market. If you want to know more about what’s happening globally, you can follow his account to know exactly what you need, without unnecessary information overload.

5. Luke Martin @VentureCoinist

Although he comes fifth, Luke is one of the most followed crypto traders online. He tweets the most about Bitcoin and offers various courses if you are interested in learning more from the famous trader. Sign up for his webinar, listen to his podcast, or at least subscribe to his mail. You won’t regret it.

6. Filbfilb @filbfilb

This crypto trader has founded, never taking a break from Twitter. He advocates for using your own head to figure things out, and other information (including his tweets), can be used as additional knowledge, but not a universal truth. He has a weekly newsletter, which can be super useful, and you can find a more thorough analysis of cryptos and what happened on the market that week. If you use Telegram, you can join his group for free, where he uses the app as his crypto journal.

7. Anondran @AnondranCrypto

2021 is Anondran’s sixth year on Twitter, and you can be sure he’ll always tweet previously checked info about the crypto market. His crypto predictions are top-notch, and he also has a pretty good sense of humor to brighten up his feed.

8. Alvin Lee @onemanatatime

This man is an entrepreneur and one of the top crypto experts. He owns Aluna CryptoCurrency together with the Trading Company blog. You will find endless articles to learn more about crypto strategies and different techniques crypto traders use.

9. Vinny Lingham @VinnyLingham

Vinny is widely known for his immaculate Bitcoin predictions. Everyone likes to hear his opinions, from brokers to traders, and he’s been a guest to various trading events since he’s also a part of the Civic group. A fascinating persona to follow.

10.CoinDesk Markets @CoinDeskMarkets

The last Twitter account about crypto trading is actually a company, but there is a good reason for it. The company offers analysis on many crypto market events and highlights everything you should pay attention to. If you want to be notified about things to look after, they are the real deal.

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