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Hello! Until today, the Instagram content that the user needs could be found exclusively using:

1. Hashtags

2. Geotags

3. The title of the account of this service.

Therefore, the owner of the account had to think carefully about its name, so that it featured words describing the services offered. However, the situation described above can be greatly changed, and for the better for you. For this, a number of conditions must be met. And this is due to a strong change in Instagram’s ranking algorithms, which will be implemented and launched in full force in 2021.

The popular TechCrunch recently published some interesting information. According to their latest report, you can now search for the information you need by “clues” present in the names of images and videos. Therefore, in addition to choosing the appropriate hashtags, it is necessary to come up with the right signatures. Yes, real SEO optimization comes to Instagram! You will very well have to think about what to name this or that material. Otherwise, competitors will leave you far behind, skillfully taking advantage of the new opportunities of the social network. If you want to compete with the competitors then you need to buy Instagram followers Canada .when you gain more followers then you will your competitors. So you have to get used to the new conditions of successful competition. So, the press secretary of the popular photo hosting in one of the interviews responsibly stated that machine learning will be used unambiguously, and there is no reason to doubt its effectiveness.

However, the new “trick” immediately raises a number of questions. Should the text of the signatures be included in the keywords exactly? Do Instagram’s internal algorithms recognize synonyms? Are machine learning or even artificial intelligence techniques used to determine what is displayed in the photo? I will say the following: if you look at the issue of Instagram in the web version, you will immediately notice that almost all images have postscripts generated by the network.

Let’s take a look at what the Instagram algorithms attributed to one of my photos. It shows a modern tram that travels through a wooded area. To do this, just look at the HTML code of the page with the photo. And there you will find extremely interesting information. In addition to my name, surname, and date of shooting, there is a line of text with phrases relevant to the image: “plant, tree, on the street”. The number of the tram in the photo was recognized: 31234. So, the artificial algorithm copes well with recognizing some objects in the image. While it is not perfect enough to recognize a tram and rails, but in the future, I am 100% sure, the intelligence of the robot will become even better.

What conclusion can be drawn? I am almost sure that the coincidence of objects in the photo with key phrases from the postscript created by Instagram and with the name of the photo will greatly affect its (photo) place in the search results.

Let’s consider a commercial account as an example. Let it be a real estate sale in Greece. Here’s what Instagram’s smart algorithms identified for the photo below. In addition to the name of the account and the date of shooting, the image may contain: “sky, mountain, ocean, water, nature, on the street.”

Now let’s analyze search queries on this topic in Yandex Wordstat and Google tips. Everywhere “real estate in Greece by the sea” appears. That is, by shaping the visual content of an Instagram account so that the phrases in the postscript coincide with the keys relevant to the account name and captions to the photo, we can have a very positive effect on the ranking. And the so-called SEO-photos, which were the subject of ridicule on the Internet 10 years ago, is becoming quite an adequate reality!

I want to draw your attention to one more point. When creating each new photo and posting it on Instagram, it is highly advisable to see what objects the artificial intelligence recognizes. Over time, you will feel good how to take photos so that they are as closely related as possible in terms of relevance to the topic of the account.

Let’s use the following analogy: Instagram is your site, and every new post is another article. The more articles (publications) you have that are relevant to the subject of your account (in our case it is “Real estate in Greece”), and the words from the postscript (“by the sea”), the higher the ranking in the search results will be. Based on the above example, the ideal name for an Instagram account would be “Real estate in Greece by the sea”. And of course, you need to take a photo in which there are the sea and real estate.

So, to sum up! Having correctly selected content on Instagram (relevant photos, captions to them, and the name of the user account), provided that the search algorithms of the photo hosting service work correctly, without taking into account additional likes, etc., it will obviously be possible to count on receiving serious bonuses in the promotion. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about competent hashtags.

 Important point

1. I strongly recommend that you pay close attention to the content of the texts. All descriptions must be written as clearly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Be sure to contain key phrases that are directly related to the objects depicted in the photo, accompanying useful information (for example, technical specifications). Here it is appropriate to draw an analogy with the placement of a product card in an online store. In the same way, each of your photographs, each video should be submitted. And you need to do this now! It is definitely not worth waiting for the new algorithms to launch and the ranking system to function, because you cannot test the effectiveness of a new approach without previously prepared material. Instagram is an extremely inertial social network,

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