SEO and effective business optimization applications in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the areas that promise to explode in 2020 in Vietnam. If you love making money online, owning a website, a blog, or knowledgeable about SEO, take advantage of inherent abilities and resources to increase your income.

Benefits of SEO

SEO-“Search Engine Optimization” – search engine optimization. Simply put, online activities help increase your website’s ranking (the order in which it appears) on search engines when users search for keywords, phrases related to your product, service, or field. . In recent years, SEO has been one of the effective Online Marketing tools that bring many benefits to businesses.

In the online environment, SEO is a tool to help promote the brand of the business, increase the ability to reach target customers, increase the rate of conversion of online business, … Not only bring benefits to the business. , SEO also has practical significance in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing? SEO and effective application of business in Affiliate business-like?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing (affiliate marketing) is a form of promoting the Supplier’s products and services through the websites (websites, blogs, social networks) of partners to bring products and services to users. final.

Affiliate Marketing consists of 3 main components:

Advertiser: A company that provides products and services, wants to boost business efficiency, increase sales volume, and seek customer information.

Partner (Publisher): Individuals, units that own the website, blog, or social networking channels …, participating in promoting the Supplier’s campaigns and receiving commissions for sharing.

Affiliate network, or affiliate marketing platform provider (Affiliate network), acts as an intermediary between the Supplier and the Partner, measuring and calculating advertising effectiveness, cost, and delivery issues. protect the interests of the parties involved, handle disputes or fraud …

This is an online advertising channel that focuses on CPA (Cost per Action), affiliate marketing to improve advertising efficiency by leveraging a network of small websites instead of having to place banners and fees. is fixed on some large websites. As a result, if there is not much advertising expenses, they can still promote their products. Affiliate marketing differs from traditional advertising methods by paying marketing costs based on the effectiveness of the ads, regardless of time or frequency of advertising.

In addition to increasing the effectiveness of advertising for providers, partners participating in the affiliate marketing field will also have the opportunity to increase making money online, increase income from websites, blogs, or social networking sites. me

How to join Affiliate Marketing effectively?

The essence of affiliate marketing is that a Partner participates with different promotional tools, bringing products and services to consumers, not just learning, but users must take specific actions such as buying. Successful registration, registration, and registration, then the partner will receive the commission for sharing. There are many different tools to support affiliate partners such as Website, Blog, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social channels (Facebook Marketing, G +, Pinterest, Linkedin, …), Google Adwords, in which SEO is assessed. is one of the powerful supporting tools to optimize business performance.

How to apply SEO to optimize business efficiency with Affiliate Marketing?

– Build a website, blog optimized SEO:

Owning a blog or website before joining Affiliate Marketing is what you should do besides SEO optimization, search engine friendly and user-friendly, this helps you:

+ There is a space for you to freely create content, provide useful information to users. Content Marketing at this time is considered to be a competitive tool among SEOs in the same field, battle battlefield. Good writing, quality, and real value to the target user make SEO work more leisurely than ever (of course, it is still necessary to ensure other factors are optimal). If you are participating in an Affiliate Marketing program or platform, then a quality blog, website, providing value for new content, reviewing products, and objective services, you will be successful.

+ Website, the blog appears on search engines with high rankings, is a reliable choice for users before deciding to buy products or services. If you have experience in SEO, in order to have high conversion efficiency, long keywords and psychological standards of users are considered as the ultimate weapon that creates great value but the competition is not much.

For effective affiliate marketing, building a standard SEO landing page to be more attractive and attractive to users is considered an effective solution to increase conversions:

– Use plugins (WordPress) that support Affiliate Marketing link beautification.

– Pretty Link Lite: Plugin allows you to create affiliate links (this link is usually quite long because of tracking code) into the shortened link and turns that link into the domain of your blog, website (this feature is similar to some other link shorteners such as Bitly,, ..). Besides, with the clean affiliate link creation, Pretty Link Lite also has the ability to check the number of clicks on the link you refer to and provide a full, nitty-gritty report of where the comes about come from, from Which browser, have, … You can install the plugin on your site free.

– Auto Affiliate Links: In case you install this plugin, the affiliate links will automatically attach to the content on your website and of course you’ve got to physically set the keywords when writing will get the associate interface. there.

– Affiliates WooCommerce Integration Light: Combine Affiliate links with e-commerce sites.

– Affiliates Manager: Plugin that permits managing affiliate links, giving directions to boost traffic and transformations for your site.

Push keyword rankings with high conversions

The application of SEO in the field of Affiliate Marketing is a job of high practical value for partners participating in the promotion of the Provider campaigns. In the trend of using PPC online advertising to increase, great competition, high cost, SEO is a long-term strategy to save costs, increase profits for your advertising campaign. When you have a good search engine ranking, you will have a high conversion rate for your affiliate marketing products or services.

If you have done SEO, this activity will surely be no stranger, especially for SEO experts and SEO professionals. With their effort, time, and best effort, SEOs are bound to be successful in this new and potential niche.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the areas that promise to explode in 2020 in Vietnam. If you love making money online, owning a website, a blog, or knowledgeable about SEO, take advantage of inherent abilities and resources to increase your income.

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