FileConverter.Digital – The Online File Converter Everyone’s Talking About

Sometimes, a file you receive may not be in the format you want it to be. In a situation like this, a file converter can come in handy. You can convert it into formats like MP3, BMP, JPG, WAV, and more. Fortunately, online tools are available that let you perform the version within a snap. 

With so many different file types around, every now and then a need arises to convert different file formats. Wouldn’t it be great if you have a universal tool that allows you to convert audio and video files without any limitation? It’s best if there is an online service that can handle different types of files without having to install any software to get the conversion done. If you are here to find your options, this blog is about to reveal a tool that you will have in love with.

It’s called It’s an online tool that requires no installation or download. In other words, you would be using it in your browser. Let’s dive into the features of this online converter:

No download limits

The best thing about this online file converter is that it does not place limits on you. Convert as many images and videos you like within 24 hours. This online tool will not ask you to come back again in a while.

It’s free

Most of the file converters out there have some limitations with their free versions. For example, limits you to 50 MB and to 2 file conversions within 24 hours and if you want it to do unlimited conversions, you need to pay $9/month. With, you don’t have to pay a single dime to use this tool. It’s free and it is probably going to remain free so that users enjoy the benefit of this tool.

It supports most formats

You won’t have to switch from one tool to another for converting videos and images. This tool supports all common types of formats one may need when it comes to the file version.

It’s simple to use

If you call yourself a non-tech savvy person, you would still be able to use this online tool because it is that simple. Simply upload the file that you would like to convert, choose the format that you would like it to be converted into, and then let it do the work. Within a few seconds, the file’s format will change and you can download this new version.

It’s 100% secure

Some users worry that the online file converter could include malicious content or bring along viruses. But you don’t have to worry about these things when it comes to because first of all, you don’t have to download anything. Second of all, if you are worried about the contents in your file, everything is in good hands. This online file converter does not store anything on its server. It converts the file into the format you like without affecting the quality of the content. That is why it is deemed 100 percent secure.

Whenever you need to convert a video or image into a different file format, use Bookmark it in your browser so that you just have to make a single click whenever the need arises.

So when you have this file converter available you don’t need to find anything else to do your file conversions as it can work with almost any format and you can do as many conversions you want without spending anything and installing anything. I hope that its increasing popularity doesn’t lead its developers to put any limits for its free version but so far so good and hopefully things will stay like they are in the future as well.

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