Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that you can use to build a stronger relationship with your customers, acquire new customers, build your awareness, and of course increase your sales. You can also use it to support your other marketing initiatives. This is a channel where you are marketing directly to an individual subscriber. You may have hundreds or thousands of people in your list, you may even have million people in your list but when that individual subscriber receives that email you should have your email developed in such a way that you will be talking to that particular person and not to the other thousands or millions of people on your list. The key to success in Email Marketing is to keep in mind that it is direct marketing where you are talking directly to everyone. If you do Email Marketing in the right way instead of being spam, it will be an asset. Most people think that social media marketing has become so important that Email Marketing is no longer relevant but if it is done correctly then it is so much effective. You can not only use it to build relationships, awareness, and gained new customers but you can also use it to increase traffic to your website, you can also promote your business and the most important thing you can do is generating sales of your business, more importantly, generate more revenue per customer.

Any time a business operates, they need Email. There are many other methods of communications, but businesses still revolve around emails, and if the business still uses it, you can bet that if you get an email in their inbox and they read it, you can generate sales. Email still works because people still read emails. You can retain 40 times more customers from email rather than Facebook or Twitter. What makes this fact so impressive is that Facebook and Twitter are effective tools for acquiring new customers and retaining old customers. So, what makes it so effective? Email is a medium that allows the development of a relationship by telling longer stories including videos and getting your customers to act. Use social media ads like Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your email list, so you can follow up and continue the relationship.

About 92% of adults use email. It is an integral part of our everyday personal and professional lives and it is for your customers as well. It is fast and more convenient. Customers prefer receiving promotional material via email over social media. If you do it tastefully, respectfully, and keep it relevant according to the customers you have. A message is 5 times more likely to be seen in an email than through social media. You also have a limited time of providing that what you have chosen and to grab your prospect’s attention. When someone becomes an email subscriber handing over their email address is something that they are super protective over. So, when they do that it means they are interested in you. They want to hear from you, and they are interested in whatever it is that you do, so you are more likely to be able to warm these leads up and compare them in a sale number. They see your content.

Marketing generally has a received rate between 85 and 95 percent. This depends on the service you have chosen and the type of content that you have created. Social media is likely that you will get less than 30% of people seeing your content if you are playing on Facebook. So, you are spending all this time and energy creating content for people that are not even going to see it. Segmentation is an amazing thing you can take advantage of when you are doing Email Marketing. Most email software providers provide some sort of tagging functionality. You might want to do this based on their interests or it may be based on how they were engaged with you in the past. This means that you can write your message based on who those people are and what they are interested in. In an Email, people prefer to click through to find out more information rather than to read an article or to read a blog. The best way to do effective marketing is to make an email list. An email list is a list of people who have signed up to receive emails from you. The most important part of marketing is that people want to hear from you and appreciate you on an everyday part if you continue to provide good content.

Importance of Email Marketing.

  1. People usually check their emails daily so it’s an easy way to keep your customer updated. You can give information to your customers in a very easy way. The email should be so simple that everyone can understand. You can make them feel that you think for them.
  2. It can help to generate great traffic to your website. By writing good content you can direct peoples directly to your website very easily.
  3. It can improve the sale of your business. You can send different features of the products. You can also send the promotional and discounted offers of your business. It’s an easy way to attract potential customers to your business.
  4. Every business wants to improve its products or services which can be done only by getting feedback. By Email Marketing, you can get feedback from your customers directly. People can share their experiences about the products or services provided by your business.
  5. It helps you to stay in contact with your customers. Ads are so much irritating for the people who are watching videos because it distracts them from their goal. By doing emails to the customers, you can stay in touch with them because people prefer to read emails rather than watch ads.


In this article, I explained the importance of marketing and effective channels that a business can use to increase their sales and awareness about products/services. Marketing is the bread and butter of a business, a business never can grow with the proper marketing campaign, market campaigns always required a planned strategy of marketing.


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