Common Problems During Connecting Mobile with PC

The connection between two devices is important as by connecting devices the user can transfer data from one to another and can also use it for another purpose like charging. There are several methods using which a mobile phone can be connected to a computer. The most common method which is used to transfer data is through a USB cable. Sometimes the connection can have errors and you can face problems while connecting. Most of the users may encounter a pop-up showing ‘USB device isn’t recognized’. We are going to tell you how you can solve this problem easily and connect your mobile phone to a computer without any error.

Problems Which Causes Error While Connecting Mobile

Here we have listed every possible solution and problem which users face while connecting their device to a PC.

1. Device Damaged

The issue with the connection can be due to the damaged device. In many cases, the users have reported their device has some issue that causes the problem with the connection. The issue with the device can be in a USB port, software or it can be in hardware as well.

If the issue is with the port then the user can face issues with other USB cables also. The cable will not charge the device. While for other problems you need to check with the service center for the real issue related to the hardware and software which are causing the error.

2. USB Cable Faulty

Establishing a connection between the computer and the mobile USB cable works as the intermediary body. If the wire is faulty then both the devices will not be able to connect and you can face errors while connecting.

In such cases, you can try and replace the faulty cable and then try to connect. If the connection is successful then it is clear that the cable has issues.

While purchasing an after-market cable it is always recommended to buy the branded and reputed brands only. As it will not only fasten the process of transfer and charging but will also help in improving the life of the device.

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3. Port Damaged

The computer port works as the entry point of the computer for establishing a connection. If the port is faulty then the device cannot be connected. To check whether the port is faulty or not you can simply try and connect the device with a different port. If the device works well there then the issue might be with one port.

In some cases both the ports don’t respond when the devices are connected, then you need to repair the ports and try connecting later.

It is always advised to keep cleaning the port from inside and outside regularly as dust can also become a problem when connecting.

4. Driver Not Installed

Drivers are an integral part of establishing a connection with any hardware. For connecting your mobile phone you need to have the MTP USB device driver. You can install and update drivers manually as well as automatically.

Using the manual method you have to follow a long procedure of downloading the drivers from the website and installing them. The most difficult part of manual driver installation is finding the right driver which is compatible with the system, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

On the other hand, you can use free driver updater software using which you can update and install all compatible drivers with just a few clicks.

These issues were faced by a majority of the users, other than this you may face some other error also. We are listing some of them below, check they solve your problem or not.

  • Network connectivity- Sometimes for the connection you need to connect both the devices with the same network. If you are facing the same issue you can try connecting it with the same network.
  • Disable Blocking Features-  When you have enabled the blocking feature in your mobile phone it can also restrict the device to connect. In this case, turn off Airplane mode on your mobile and then try connecting.
  • Battery Saver- You can try and turn off your battery saver or can plug-in a charger. While connecting the battery saver restricts some functions of the computer/ laptop.
  • Disable DND- Do Not Disturb is another feature of mobile which can restrict some of the features and notifications of the device. Try turning it off and connecting again.

Concluding the Article: Common Problems During Connecting Mobile with PC

Now that we have stated all the problems and their solutions, you can easily connect your mobile phone to the PC. We have listed every issue which can cause an error in connection from the biggest to the smallest.

If you still face difficulty in connecting mobile then you can try and connect the device using other methods like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and many others. Some of these methods are complicated and some have less transfer speed as compared to the USB data transfer. This is why we have listed the solution for the USB connection as it is most preferred and the safest to use.

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