Effective Brand Marketing Strategies which can Bring Success To An Entrepreneur

Nike, McDonald’s, and Apple are the most famous brands that everyone knows about. How they acquire the level of market leader by using Effective Brand Marketing Strategy.


You have seen many brands selling the products or services only. But Nike is not the only product selling business but also selling a story. Nike doesn’t lose any business opportunity to get clientage via direct, indirect marketing, and avail social media marketing as well for its products. They share stories about the product ideas and beginning point of the business.

A story about the product you are going to launch and the history of your business leaves a bonding effect on your customer. They feel proud to use your products after knowing the strong background of the product and a business having a sound history. Add a simple story to your business, what you are selling and how you relate your customer needs and status to your product. Simply tell them where and how you get started and sell something valuable to the customers rather than selling the products only.


McDonald’s is the most renowned brand in the world. They strongly focus on the brand marketing strategy to make their brand consistent. Their Logo is recognized all around the world that people feel good to be associated with their brand.

Now the considerable thing is how MacDonald’s made their brand prominent. They identify their brand and then keep the consistency of their brand over the years. They made strong improvements to their brand to be considered by the customers. They appeal to the customers by their Logo and Slogan to remain in customer’s minds.

I’m lovin’ it (Message from McDonald’s)

Invest time and money to make your brand long-lasting and don’t change your marketing strategies on and off. Stick to your brand marketing strategy with a logo with consistency, so that your customers might not be surprised to have a big change in your marketing techniques.


Apple is not just a brand. It is a lifestyle. They are not mobile sellers they sell a brand. Apple gave awareness to people that mobile is not just a need but it is a status symbol too. Their brand marketing strategy is simply improving the lifestyle of Apple users.

Their brand marketing strategy is to create favoritism, that’s why the Apple users don’t switch to other brands easily.

Five Steps Of Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is not related to the big brands but the small businesses also apply these five steps to make their brand prominent.

1. Brand Understanding

First, you have to get aware of the brand, the purpose, and understanding of the brand you are going to start. Some key points are there to understand the brand purpose that should be considered to make a brand outstanding.

  • Target the age group for your brand
  • How to win customer’s trust
  • How people feel about your brand
  • Observe your brand competitors
  • Your brand facilities, what you offer are considerable?
  • Brand history and story, how you originated this brand 

All you have to include in your brand is what how it looks like. The logo, the color scheme, the advertisement, and the design must be attractive and unique. Customers must feel proud of your brand.

 2. Market Segmentation

Find the age group and target them. Make sure about your target market. How you are going to attract people. It leaves an emotional impact on the customers. People feel proud if they have a specific product that’s according to their needs and requirement. For instance, low price motorbike manufacturers have to consider the age group of 18 to 30 years old students. They are intended to buy new bikes. Before you adopt this market segmentation you have to keep something in mind;

  • Your target age group
  • Their lifestyle, everyday life
  • Interests of that age group
  • Their education level
  • Their tendency to shop
  • What they care for

3. Brand Story

The brand story makes a bond between customers and the brand. A strong message about your brand makes your customer loyal to the brand. The brand story must be appealing enough as movies engage their viewers.

Don’t make a dramatic kind of story; it should be simple to understand. That fascinates the customers in just one go. Like if you have fast food outlet you can introduce your brand story by introducing a specific organic recipe that is healthy, delicious, and differentiates you from other brands. A strong brand story attracts customers to your brand and makes them loyal to your brand.

4. Brand Competitors

A business always has an eye on the customers same as you have to know about competitors. They might be strong enough if they are working before you enter the market. You have to come to know the way other competitors are using what kind of brand marketing strategy. If your competitor is offering a cheap price of a product then you have to focus on the quality that must not be sacrificed.

5. Brand Awareness

After knowing your customers you have to focus on how you can get them connected to your marketing. The way you can attract people is your brand name, logo, design, color, and a simple clear message.

While developing brand marketing strategies there are three points not to be ignored at all;

  • Business Rivalry

Numerous people are engaged in the same business with different names and logos. Have a sharp eye on your competitors; they might use the same strategy as you are. To avoid repetition make something different for your customers. Otherwise, customers will not come to your brand because they are already using the same things then why do they try the new one.

  • Brand Consistency

Remember if you are not consistent, you lose. Always think long-term. For long-term business growth, consistency does matter. Make your messages strong and don’t hesitate to send them repeatedly to the customers. There is an example of a consistent brand marketing strategy, if you running a digital ad for your product then don’t run a visual ad at the same time with a celebrity. It is expensive and will decrease no of customers. So, keep consistent with your brand through print and social media to retain your customers.

  • Broad Vision

Set your goals, a vision, and a mission statement of your brand. An entrepreneur can’t be a market leader if his brand marketing strategy is not focused. Consider the long-term benefits of introducing new products and opening a social media channel to access the entire globe.

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