All you need to know about air force challenge coins

Air force challenge coins are embedded in rich history and tradition. Just like other branches of the military, Air force challenge coins have a lot of value for the recipients. Air force challenge coins are meant to honor the efforts and sacrifices of people serving in the air force. Air force challenge coins have the insignia or logo of the air force or the particular branch or department of the air force. The Air force challenge coins are presented by leaders or commanders of the air force to different members of the air force in recognition of their special honor and achievements. Read on further to know some of the most important facts about Air force challenge coins.

1. Awarded upon completion of basic military training: – These coins are awarded to air force trainees after they have completed their basic military training. Trainees are presented such coins during the coin ceremony by either the wing commander or the command chief master sergeant. This coin is known as the Airman’s coin and it has a lot of importance in the Air Force among the different people who serve in the Air Force. Upon receiving these coins, the trainee become officers and are no longer called ‘trainees’.

2. it’s given according to a technique: – The Air force challenge coins are given by following a technique or protocol. The Air force challenge coins aren’t just simply handed over. They are passed through a strong handshake. During the handshake, the Air force challenge coin passes from the palm of the commander to the palm of the recipient.

3. Different challenges of Air force challenge coins: – These coins come with a set of challenges and the recipients are always expected to come good on the challenges. The recipients are expected to keep the coin with them at all times because no one knows for sure when a challenge might happen. During a ‘challenge’, air force officers might be called up0n to produce their coins. If someone can’t produce their coins, then he or she might have to buy the challenger a drink. If officers end up showing their coins then the person posing the challenge has to buy a round of drinks for the members of the unit.

4. Different types of Air force challenge coins: – The Airmen’s coin are just one type of coin that the air office officers receive during the course of their careers. Air force officers might end up with a lot of Air force challenge coins during the entire course of their careers. These coins might be presented to them by the first sergeant or by the president of the service. It is normal for an air force officer to end up with quite a collection of Air force challenge coins, throughout the course of his or her career.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the top 4 facts that you needed to know about Air force challenge coins. These coins represent excellence and significance and they are considered very important to the different people serving in the Air Force. There are some rules that the recipients of such coins have to follow at all times. One of the main rules is that the recipients are expected to carry such coins at all times. One needs to follow such rules at all times because there are no exceptions to such rules and everyone needs to come good on such rules. These coins need to be carried and not worn because they are not jewelry or other accessories. It is an honor to receive such coins and it presents a big responsibility. The recipients who have ‘earned’ these coins should always show that they understand the gravity of the honor that has been bestowed upon them.

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