6 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness.

Does your ideal customer know you exist?

Brand awareness is more than just people recognizing your name or logo. This is also where they are familiar with your product or service… Therefore, when they want to buy the product or service you provide, they will think of you first.

If your potential customers don’t know you or what you’re selling, then they may end up buying from your competitor whose brand they are the people they know.

Here is how you can make your brand visible more widely so that it stays in people’s minds:

#1: Encourage customers to share recommendation letters on social media

A very simple thing is to encourage your customers to talk about what they have bought from you. This is easier than some companies: it shows that if your product or service is a person excited and will enjoy sharing.

Typically, only requires customers to share their experiences is enough to get some recommendations to come. You can also provide some additional encouragement: for example, you might share your favorite recommendations from your company’s account, or you can hold an Instagram contest and reward the best customers for sharing Instagram posts about your brand (perhaps using your Photos of your products, video recommendations about your brand, etc.).

(If you do run any type of competition, though, make sure you follow the rules of the relevant social platform).

#2: Use a referral plan

Another good way to get your name is to develop a referral plan where customers will get some form of incentive to encourage their friends to register as customers. This is particularly effective for SaaS (software as a service) companies-for example, Dropbox, which provides additional space, invites your friends to try Dropbox, and many services will extend the customer’s subscription for free if they register a friend.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, however, you can provide referral rewards, such as:

•           Provide refund coupons for customers’ next purchase

•           Some kind of giveaway (these can also be branded)

#3: Create (high-quality) visitor content for other websites

Getting your brand into other websites can be a brilliant way to build brand awareness: If you are a few websites that feature potential customers read, they will bind your attention.

This is also great for your search engine optimization because it allows you to build links from other websites back to your own-further assisting your brand look. After all, you will be more likely to rank high in search engines.

You can write guest articles or blog posts, provide blogs on podcasts or interviews on the site, and even generate infographics or videos. The key is to build something of the highest possible quality: this may be your first and only chance to impress potential customers.

#4: Use remarketing to recapture visitors who leave your website

Remarketing or relocation is a great way to regain visitors who come to your website but leave without buying anything.

Maybe someone clicked on a link to your product to check it out but then got distracted. Maybe they decide not to buy it immediately. By relocating this person, you can invite them back…and, as a reward, help them understand your brand better.

Even if people don’t click on the ads you reposition, they still see them often and may remember your website, which means they are more likely to visit again in the future.

#5: Tag influencers in (related) tweets and posts

A good way to build brand awareness in the lower want a no-cost and minimal time investment situation? Mark influencers or areas of your outstanding person in tweets or social media posts.

You shouldn’t do this when it’s not relevant, or you will quickly annoy those who you wish to visit your website or social media profile. However, if you write about someone on your blog, view their products, or cite them, you can mention this on social media and tag them so that they (and potential their followers, depending on Social networks and their settings) see it.

This usually results in your posts being shared by relevant influencers, which may expose your brand to a wider audience. To a certain extent, it also helps you establish a connection between your brand and trusted influencers in the eyes of your audience.

#6: Give giveaways to customers and prospects

Of course, awareness is not just built online. How often have you been to a meeting or event and come back with some free pens, notebooks, and other “swings”? Many, many companies provide giveaways to increase brand awareness | This is a popular technique because it works!

If you want to be a memorable person, you may want to go beyond free pens: think about what suits your brand (for example, a beverage company may give away brand reusable water bottles) and don’t give up anything that contradicts brand value (If you want to be known for non-plastic packaging, then giving a cheap plastic pen is not a good choice).

You need to proactively build brand awareness: wislay.net

If you are not doing well enough in this area, many of your potential customers will end up buying from competitors simply because they don’t know you exist.

The good news is that you can do a lot of work to create better brand awareness for your company without having to spend a lot of money or time. Choose one of the following tips, you can achieve this week, and give it a try.

An easy way to gain brand traction and begin to build brand awareness is to install social media sharing buttons on your blog or website so your readers and visitors simply click to connect to share your content via social media. When you create compelling content and share content with more users, you will effortlessly start to increase your audience (and increase brand awareness).

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