5 Highly-Used Ad Extensions In Google AdWords

Do you prefer running PPC ads on Google AdWords? Many marketers choose this exclusive platform to avoid huge expenditure and time consumption on setting up a successful PPC ad campaign. Google AdWords is pro in this. It uses different variants of ad extensions to improve the performance factor and build a strong presence online.

If you are planning to run a PPC ad campaign on Google AdWords, make sure you include ad extensions for better results. You can even consult with the agencies offering PPC management services in Delhi or Kolkata and create a better ad campaign meeting all your requirements.

Want to know more about the ad extensions that you can use in your Google AdWords? Don’t miss out on reading the entire article. This will give you an idea about some most prominent and highly-used extensions for ads.

5 Different types of ad extensions that are highly used in Google AdWords

  1. Location extension: Imagine you are searching for a restaurant to spend your evening and on the search engine result page, you found an ad for a restaurant giving 25% off on buffet. Without having an idea about the location of the restaurant, is it possible to reach there and avail the discount? That’s what a location extension does.

By including location extensions, you are actually allowing your visitors to learn about your location and visit your place if wanted. This builds brand authenticity and credibility across the target audience. Faster conversions and high rankings are the must happenings when you are using location extensions in your Google ads.   

  • Sitelink extensions: Sitelink extensions are another set of extensions that excite the users to click the ad and visit four different pages of the website along with the landing page. Sitelink extensions carry multiple links to the same products. For example, if someone is looking for leather shoes, he will get multiple additional pages along with the landing page.

Ads with sitelink extensions are often displayed at the top of the SERPs. It is basically a shortcut to the sites a potential buyer may want to visit. Other than the landing page, you can even let your users learn more about the product by visiting four different relevant pages of the same website.

  • Call extensions: Another most important ad extensions are the call extensions. Call extensions carry the contact details of the business. Whenever you put an ad on Google, you want your potential buyers to reach you. Multiple sources are available from where relevant traffic is generated and one prominent source is contact details.

Adding a call extension, you have a tendency to get more potential buyers or quality leads. It’s quite obvious. Isn’t it? Only the buyers who are interested in your products and services will make a call. The call can be related to anything. It can be about your brand, products, any complaint, any issue, anything around your brand and business. Hence, including these extensions is very important.

  • Social extensions: We all know the power of social media. Now you will learn the power of social extensions. Just like with social media you can connect with a large group of audiences and so the need for social extensions. With this option, your customers get a chance to interact and share with each other.

Social extensions on Google AdWords allows you to display all the recommendations and +1s received on your Google+ business profile. This builds high authenticity, great visibility, and let the potential buyers learn about the recommendations.

  • Rating extensions: Don’t you want to let your customers know about your business ratings and service ratings? For this, rating extensions are enough to draw in positive results.

Using rating extensions, you get a chance to display the number of stars attained by your brand. Whenever the ad is displayed on Google, it comes with 3, 4, or 5 stars or even less as obtained by the customers. Ratings and reviews are highly reliable as they draw the attention of potential buyers. Hence, the need for such extensions.

The Bottom Line

Guys, don’t worry about your budget. Even if you add or miss out on the extensions, it will not reflect on your budget. It will not increase your costs, instead, it will improve your PPC performance. From generating high conversions to making the ad authentic, ad extensions are highly responsible for making the ads more prominent and valuable.

When you are planning to hire comprehensive digital marketing services, don’t forget to include PPC marketing in your list. Even if you have a tight budget, customizing a cost-effective PPC strategy will work well for your business.

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