<strong>Serverless Computing: Accelerating Application Modernization with Azure Functions</strong>

Serverless Computing: Accelerating Application Modernization with Azure Functions

Application Modernization, Serverless Computing, Software Development
There are a lot of legitimate ways that businesses can stay competitive and survive in these dynamic environments. Azure application modernization is one of the most essential parts of this journey. This concept is based on fixing and modifying the current software to take advantage of modern technology and comply with business requirements. Modernization has positive impacts on productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth for businesses that embrace this trend. However, the conventional process of developing and running applications has many obstacles on the way to meeting these objectives. This is the moment when serverless computing takes the lead as a wonderful change. Serverless computing is a model that makes the process of writing code the only concern for developers without worrying about infrastructure management. Continue reading with us as…
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