Future of SEO With Respect to Business Growth.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing mantra that does not allow anyone to stand against its siege when it is at its peak. Haven’t you heard of this mantra, if you haven’t heard then you are thousands of miles away from technology. One thing is said in our Urdu literature, one’s childhood is a reflection of its youth and old age. Here we can take the example of any technology that started fifty or sixty years ago, what is the state of its young age today. Now with this recipe, one can guess what the future of SEO will be if he is gleaming so splendidly in his childhood. The idea came to my mind after looking at the polls that I have seen over the past few months in which SEO has been compared to other marketing strategies.

Over the last two months, I’ve seen a lot of polls, made on LinkedIn to compare SEO with other sections of digital marketing. More than 90% of participants think that SEO is better than any other branch of digital marketing. Why the acceptance of SEO is so wide, here I would explain.

The Cost of SEO is Less.

Number one is price. The cost for PPC is higher because the whole process of PPC is like SEO and then businesses have to pay extra per click which makes the price of PPC more than SEO. The criteria of SEO are the same as PPC but it does not have to pay extra for organic traffic which makes SEO  accessible then and costs less than PPC. When the criteria are the same to both so the results are the same as well, so more businesses choose SEO. This is the first reason why SEO is so acceptable. The same trend can be seen on freelancing platforms, where 60,000 jabs are posted every week for SEO experts. the data are taken from Upwork which is an authentic freelancing platform credible to over 5 million businesses. This can give you an idea of how many jobs the rest of the popular freelancing platforms have for SEO experts.

Accuracy of Targeted Audience.

Similarly, as there is a distinction of abilities between an ordinary soldier and a sniper, SEO is the Sniper of digital marketing. For example, if you’re looking for a shirt online, have you at any point seen that search engine direct you to a cell phone website? No, not at all. The search engine will only direct you to websites that are related to shirts. It is again similar to a sniper who aims at a specific target, the search engine will target a specific audience who are interested in a specific service or product. How search engines will do this? The answer to the question is the only thing that will help search engine is SEO. SEO is a target-oriented strategy that only targets interested audiences. Have you at any point considered it proper for ladies’ particular product to market exclusively to men? Doesn’t that sound like a joke? The beauty of SEO is, it targets a specific audience who are interested in a particular product or service.

Content Marketing and SEO.

SEO has three parts, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. One of the strategies used for off-page SEO is content marketing. I can immovably say that content marketing is the sub-section of SEO that is presently renamed content marketing. I would rather not delve into the subtleties of off-page SEO or content marketing, my point here is simply to clarify that content marketing is not something outside of SEO. Obviously, content marketing will provide the best results along with SEO. Therefore, a subdivision cannot be compared to a parent division.

After the introduction, there are signs that SEO will flourish in the years to come. We will discuss further at another time how SEO is a better and more profitable strategy than any other branch of digital marketing. Come back to our topic “Future of SEO With Respect to Business Growth.” Marketing is oxygen for any business, did you ever even listen about a business that did not promote herself and became a successful business. No, not at all, it’s impossible. Businesses need marketing as much as we need oxygen to live. Growth is an integral part of any business. Oxygen is a source of growth, here I mean marketing as oxygen. Now we come to our topic again. When businesses need growth to succeed, then obviously they need marketing as well. We use the resources available for business growth. We choose after comparing the available resources, market study, and proper research, SEO is a marketing strategy that gives both results and economy. Businesses will exist in one form or another as long as human beings exist, so they will also need marketing as a tool of growth. As the businesses grow, so will the marketing strategies. SEO has dominated the stage of today’s world and will surely reach its peak in the coming years.


The result of the study is that given the acceptance of SEO, it can be estimated that it will grow along with the growth of the businesses and its bright future is obvious.

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