What is QuickBooks workforce?

Intuit QuickBooks Workforce is a great service in terms of sharing the paycheck information with the employees effortlessly and through online mode. QuickBooks is a versatile software design to provide comfort in performing accounting, payroll management, and more. By activating the QuickBooks Workforce, the employer gives control to the employee to review, learn, and validate their W-2 Forms as well as pay the stubs. 

The user can make use of it from any version of QuickBooks services for using the Workforce. The employees will have a good time easily signing in to the Workforce system once they have

been invited, so the invitation has to be sent without fail.

QuickBooks Workforce Overview

QuickBooks accounting software had varied functions, versions, and editions. QuickBooks online is the famous version wherein most employee asks how can they view their paychecks. So, in QuickBooks, workforce service is where one can access the paycheck, a platform where each employee can see their earnings.

This way, the employee can easily check their paychecks through their credential and if the employee wishes to check it, this can be done by sending an invitation to the employer. Once the invite is sent, the employer will receive an email notification, then the link will be provided to the employee from where they can access the information and verify it.

The tool allows employees to have 24×7 access to W-2 Forms and pay stubs. Once the staff is set up in the tool, the employee will be notified of their latest paychecks once the payroll is done. All the pay stubs, tax information will be under one roof, which makes it easier for employees and employers to run on the same page and be aware of everything.

How Does QuickBooks Workforce Function?

Many people are only aware of the tool, however, how to use it is still a question? QuickBooks workforce is a simple tool that can be accessed, viewed, and managed securely online with a self-service portal. The workforce is a web-based online solution that is compatible with the newer version of Intuit, so there is no additional cost to using it. 

Employees who are already aware of the Intuit payroll, and have been using it can make use of this tool by putting their credentials and logging in. Alternatively, one can also make use of a newer account and sign up for the Workforce. 

Workforce gets integrated with the Intuit desktop version of QuickBooks easily. This means that an employer can manage all the payroll related activities in one place. Once the employer has updated the payroll system in QuickBooks, they can invite the employee to assess their paychecks and other related information by informing them. 

Setting Up QuickBooks Workforce

Activate QuickBooks Workforce

  1. QuickBooks desktop user can immediately activate their Workforce solution from the account as soon as they log in. You have to ensure whether the software on your desktop is the latest version with all the much-needed payroll features. 
  2. The access you Manage Payroll cloud services window in the Employee Tab. Prompt to activate the QuickBooks Workforce option and click on “On” Save to apply the changes made and return to your main screen. 

Invite Employee

  1. Now that you have activated, you can move ahead by inviting your employee to use the Workforce from your account. Navigate to the Manage payroll cloud services window and then click on invite your employees from the preloaded list. 
  2. You can invite add too many employees as you wish to. Make sure to remind your employee to enable the notification so that they can be aware of every notification.
  3. Also, make sure you add necessary financial and personal information such as the W-4s and the bank account number to verify if necessary.

Making Historical data available: 

  • In addition to making the latest paycheck details available for your employees, you can also upload historical details for the employee. With QuickBooks workforce, you can do so. 
  • Make sure you do not have any pending payroll information
  • Open the QuickBooks company and navigate to file
  • Choose the “Print Form” option and select “Print pay stubs” 
  • You will notice a new window that will say “select pay stubs” 
  • Enter the date range
  • Now click on “Send online”


Now that you are completely aware of QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Workforce, how to use them. It will become easier for you to handle the invitation process, updating it, and giving notification to the employees too.

The employees will be comfortable too with being updated on their paycheck, financial information, bank details, and other crucial information in one place. Make sure you are providing an invitation to your employees, only then they can make use of it. 

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