Uninstalling Google Partner Setup Android App!

What is Google Partner Setup? 

It helps you to operate multiple Google Applications. This is an android mobile app that is useful in multi-dimensions. For instance, if your content is in the text form then it contributes to you as an assistant to get the grammar and spelling mistakes correct. Google Partner Setup is a medium for writing assistance. It belongs to specific software that cannot be downloaded. It is already installed on Android. The setup works behind in the android setting, normally you need not make anything with the setup. It is not our focus topic, you can visit for the details of the Google partner setup App and its functionality

Google Partner App?

This is an Android app that makes multiple apps compatible with each other. It turns apps into a well-matched way between Google Partner Setup and Google products, such as Google Translate, Google Keyboard, Google Meet, etc. The applications are used to make the work easy for the users. The app connectivity makes smartphone use easy and faster where you face no connectivity issues.

Google Partner Setup Has Stopped; Solution?

Generally, an error is faced by the users that are ‘Unfortunately Google Partner Setup Has Stopped’. The problem may cause delay and get the work slow. If the problem persists, it can affect the app’s functions. This error will not allow you to access your work and you will be troubled. The setup error can completely hang up your phone and you might not work properly.

Following are the methods and solutions to avoid such types of discrepancies; 


Clear Cache Memory And Data 

Before clearing Cache Memory and Data of Google Partner App to fix this error. What happens next once you clear all data, it increases app reloading time from the device and makes the performance better. Clearing data removes all assorted and unnecessary files. Though fixing the problem can take you to other steps as well but it may be rectified at the first step.

Steps To Remove Cache Memory And Data 

  • Open your device
  • Go into the application setup 
  • Visit the app management option
  • Install App on your device 
  • Google Partner Setup will show ‘Next’ click the button 
  • Clear Cache or Data 

When you finish you will be asked to restart your Android to fix this problem. So restart your system as it is compulsory after you made some changes with the setup, it will completely erase the errors you face, but if it remains then it must be the ROM issue. 

Stock ROM Installation 

The smartphones with modified operating ROM can meet the Google Partner Setup problem. Installing Stoke ROM can fix this issue experiencing the custom ROM. The choice is with the user whether install Custom ROM or Stock ROM, both help to overcome the problem. XDA developer forum can access the instructions to follow the requirements. The Android specifications vary so to find out the techniques to resolve the issue. 

Focus on the discussion points attentively and better know well before you start installing ROM. Otherwise, the same problem may appear with your smartphone app installation which occurred by the Google Partner Setup when faced with the above error. 

Steps To Reset Factory Setting

  • Setting menu 
  • Select backup and restore
  • Recommended, to back up all your necessary data and file 
  • Factory Reset 

Somehow, if clearing data and cache memory don’t give you the desired results and you face the same issue again, then use the third option which is Factory Resetting. This is the last possible option you have. Once the Factory Reset is done, your phone becomes as new as it was unboxed for the first time. There is no chance of facing the same problem after you apply the last option, it is important to take a backup of your data and important files. 

Before you perform all these steps, make sure your phone is at least 70% charged, don’t switch off your phone during the procedure, otherwise further issues can happen. 

Steps For Factory Reset

  • Open the setting on your device
  • Go to back up and reset
  • Then reset factory data
  • Finally, reset the device
  • Erase everything from your device

Once you start the process you may be asked to apply your password if required, and finally, reboot your smartphone to bring it back to normal.

Can I Disable Google Partner Setup?

Google Partner Setup creates connectivity between various apps, so there is no reason to make it disabled but it is even possible if it comes with different hardware specifications. Anyhow, simply it is not recommended to disable Google Partner Setup. But if performed in any case your phone may have some serious issues. 

Can I Enable Google Partner Setup?

Yes, it can be enabled if disabled, even though it is not recommended to disable the setup. The following is the procedure to reinstall Google Partner Setup,

  • Go to setting
  • Open the application
  • Tap on show all applications/ show all tabs (May vary from Android to Android)
  • Press the hidden app button if Google Partner Setup is not shown
  • Tap on Google Partner Setup to make it enable

Can I Uninstall Google Partner Setup?

Verily, the answer is NO, many manufacturing companies don’t release factory setups because it is a built-in setup by the manufacturer. Same as you don’t have any permission to completely or partially uninstall the Google Factory Setup Android App. There are some separate devices to make these possible changes with Google Setup Partner and App. But companies don’t give open access to those android settings, as they belong to the manufacturing authority. Using third-party sites is a way to delete or install, but this might be difficult and risky for your android.


The above discussion is related to the Google Partner Setup Android Application that helps users to work with smartphones comfortably. The above discussion explains how useful is the Google Partner Setup, there is the possibility to disable the setup, and you can enable it again. With the help of some software, you can make some changes, for instance, Flash Factory Image can entirely change the android setup.

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