The Art of Content Writing!

Writing is an art that opens new paths for readers. A piece of writing must be engaging for readers to last, it should also be captivating, interesting, and informative. The article writers have their demands stronger than ever. Publications, News, and Businesses need good articles to promote their online presence. Content writing is increasingly an important part of small and medium to enterprise level businesses and they need writers. The quality of written content is noticed by the search engines and also builds relationships with the potential community and gets the current customers well informed and engaged.

This article will cover all aspects of writing techniques to make you prominent in the world of words.

Content Writing And Its Types

An article is a way to deliver information to the audiences where they can get knowledge through content. Most likely an article is covered in four types:

  • Expository
  • Persuasive
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive

Your writing style reflects your tone and style, the types of writing an article can be seen in business writing.

Expository Writing

The expository way of writing comprises facts and information for the target audience. It embraces information from ‘How To’ to research and publish in scientific journals. The expository type of writing has a logical evolution that leads the readers towards innovative thoughts. Most of the web published articles are expository because enterprises are building worth in the content marketing field. They are essential to delivering information and expertise to give value to the readers.

Persuasive Writing

The persuasive style of content writing invokes more emotions than expository writing. Persuasive writing promotes sales pages for business growth. It is a piece of writing where you get to know the customer queries and current experiences to understand and resolve their issues guiding them to the recommended solutions.

Narrative Writing

The narrative style of writing is used to explain information for storytelling, it may be a form of persuasive writing followed by rising action, climax, and a conclusion. Narrative writing keeps the readers informed, persuaded, and well-connected. Where a narrative writer leads the readers on a new journey of understanding through previous examples. It is beneficial for businesses to engage viewers to share their experiences and build a sense of community.

Descriptive Writing

If you need to write something about a product, its features, use, and benefits then the descriptive writing style will help you more. Descriptive writing circles a scenario, deliver solid information and creates sensory information about a product, place, thing, and experience. It reveals a handful of information for your readers where you describe the environment, atmosphere, and happening events.

Article Format

In general, three writing formats are followed for article writing to connect the reader’s attention Title, Body, and conclusion. An eye-catching article engages the readers for maximum time. The article format is considered a framework to deliver information in an easy-to-understand approach. The article must be clear in narration, the title creates the reader’s engagement and the rest article is based on that information.

The Title

The title must be precise and a perfect portrayal of your writing. If you’re writing a web article, including a keyword in the title aids search engines to recognize the content. Furthermore, the format title is H1 the title must be informative and noticeable. You can grab the reader’s attention with a witty headline otherwise it may lose the reader’s attention. It’s important to know what to capitalize in a title.

For many articles, you’ll add a byline with your name under the title. It relies on writing for a publication that will credit you as an author.

Introduction To Article

The introduction is an important element of a good article. Your introduction must both draw a reader in and also confirm they are at the right place and will find the information they expect.

Body Of The Content

Once you’ve introduced your topic, you’ll dive into the core of the content in the body of the article. Determine the length of your article as you are writing it, otherwise, you may be given a target word count by the employer. Online writing is headed into two clear sections with H2 or H3 to identify the content. It benefits readers to get the information they are looking for and stay engaged with the material for as long as possible.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is a vivid depiction of the title, a final paragraph or two that impacts the reader with appealing concepts, recommended actions, opinions, and closing thoughts.

How Should A Content Be Written?

After all, you now would like to understand the process of how to write one.

Here are the steps to follow to make your content the best.

  1. Choose your topic. A perfect topic is focused enough to address in a single article.
  2. Give some thought to your target audience. What information do they require about the topic? What are the foremost important answers you can deliver to them? You want to speak directly to your readers, so having your audience clearly in mind is a critical step.
  3. Gather your facts and data. Do they support the points you propose to include in the article?
  4. Write an overview, including the headers. Does it flow? Are you able to cover this topic adequately in the space of an article?
  5. Write your rough draft.
  6. Edit. Some writers read their drafts aloud to test for flow and avoid common grammar mistakes. You can use tools like the Hemmingway or Grammarly App to help with this step.

Every Business Needs Article Writers

What interests you?

What experience does one have?

What would you like to learn?

From gaming to finance to health. Every industry needs content writers. Because the web grows, so does the importance of consistent, original, and quality content. Content marketing generates leads more than 3 times as compared to traditional marketing. The demand for skilled content writers keeps growing. regardless of what interests you, someone needs your expertise.

Focus on Niche To Improve Writings

As you increase your work portfolio, you’ll prospect new jobs and clients. Here’s where the benefits of a Niche come into focus.

It’s easier to win employment when you’ve got relevant samples to show them. Writing new samples for each application or bid gets old… fast! With popular freelance platforms like Guru and Upwork, employers receive many bids against their job posting in a few minutes. As a freelancer, the higher you match an employer’s target criteria, the higher you stand out from the crowd. You will be skilled to write and research any topic. However, the less you recognize about a topic, the longer it takes to finish a project. As you develop expertise during a niche, narrow down your writing time and deliver at least equal or better quality work. Once you freelance for a living, less time per project means extra money per hour. You need not limit your expertise and can add more topics as your niche later on.

Where to seek out Work as an Article Writer?

You can apply in any of your favorite industries. Avenues to seek out work in the areas of interest include:

• Job listings for content writers

• Sites where freelancers bid on projects like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Medium, etc

•  Find sites you would like to write for and pitch to the owners

• Take a start from the area of your interest

• Advertise your services locally or online

• Network together with your Chamber of Commerce or other business networking groups

• Network through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Start gently with the least prospects. With steady effort, you’ll find the routes where employment awaits you. The more you are known to people more availabilities are there to get you in front of as many potential employers as possible.

The Final Words

The beginning becomes always challenging for every newbie, you must come to know yourself as a writer to fit in a suitable place. Stay calm! you’ll continue to learn as you go. Gradually, the writing will become smoother once you are assigned a task and your work goes published. Whether your dream is to figure out as an article writer for your current employer or to build your name in the writing world, there’s a demand for your voice and skill. What’s important is to stay writing and continue learning. When writing is completed well, it’s a seamless part of the audience’s experience. Article writers shape how content is presented and may influence how people think. Your skills can brand your work worth reading even if it is others’ vision. You can find a lot of success stories on the web. Hopefully, this article will be one small step to your successful writing journey.

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